Thank You For Helping A Listener


Image courtesy of Iain Farrell, Creative Commons license
Image courtesy of Iain Farrell, Creative Commons license

Nonprofit Radio listener Matt asked me what to do after a direct mail mistake. I blogged his question and our community stepped up in grand fashion to help him.


His office sent thousands of appeal letters misstating previous gift amounts. He wondered what to do and these generous pros stepped up to give smart advice:

Ruthellen Rubin
Kris Gibson
Richard Freedlund
Pamela Grow
Rick J. Blount


You’re proof that our community can come together quickly and generously to help someone in need. I’ve always felt the nonprofit community’s energy and commitment to the greater good–and each other.

Places like #fundchat and Joanne Fritz’s column stand out as great examples.

So what was our advice for Matt?

Send a quick, sincere apology letter–signed by a senior person–stressing a commitment to accuracy and pledging to take steps to prevent a similar mistake.

I agree. Openness, transparency, honesty and contrition are most respected when you’ve made a mistake. They’re never easy but they’re always best.

Have you got a question for our community? I’ll blog it and ask it on Nonprofit Radio.

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