Picture of figures spelling out "thank you".

Thank You: Nonprofit Radio’s Sesquicentennial

An image of the promotional postcard for Nonprofit Radio showing Tony Martignetti in the studio.Nonprofit Radio’s 150th show was last Friday. I thank you for your support over 3 years!

It was a low-key sesquicentennial. I wasn’t even in the studio. We pre-recorded early last week.

What I’m not low-key about is thanking you for supporting the show by listening; subscribing; retweeting; posting; liking; commenting; and letting me into your inbox each week.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m grateful.

We’ve got over 9,000 weekly listeners. They’ve come because you spread the word about the show. Thank you for that. Please don’t stop.

For the 150th, my guests were Beth Kanter on measuring the networked nonprofit, and Maria Semple, with alternatives to Google Alerts.

You can scroll down to the previous post for a link to listen, or take the short cut.


Picture of figures spelling out "thank you".
'Thank you' courtesy of hellojenuine on Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Thank You: Nonprofit Radio’s Sesquicentennial

  1. Leave it to you to bandy about a word like “sesquicentennial.” We’ve done e-journal websites for a couple of sesquicentennial fundraising events… otherwise, would I know what you meant??? probably. 🙂 Keep the good thing going!

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