I Have A Favor To Ask

I’m the aptly named host of this weekly internet radio show, Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio. It’s doing pretty well after 21 months. Over a thousand iTunes downloads per show. Over 600 likes on Facebook. And a spiffy two minute promo reel with a bunch of famous people, which I wouldn’t mind a few more people watching.

But iTunes is where I’d really be grateful for your help. I’d like to get more ratings. Today there are six, and that’s not representative of the number of listeners.

If you listen to my show, would you please rate it? It’s merely a few clicks (and one scroll), you needn’t write anything.

  • Go to the show’s iTunes preview page.
  • Click “View In iTunes” under the graphic.*
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page (not the list of shows) and rate the show with 1 through 5 stars.

I thank you very much.

I feel a responsibility to give real value on my blog, so I’m not completely comfortable only asking for a favor, even for just one week.

Here is this week’s value: philanthropy is a growth industry.

LinkedIn and the Council of Economic Advisors (opposite ends of the stodginess spectrum) teamed up to measure the winning and losing industries during our recession. They identified philanthropy as a strong growth industry between 2007 and 2011. Here is the article and infographic.

*You’ll have to have iTunes installed. If you don’t you’ll be directed to the iTunes download page.

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