My NextGen:Charity 2011 Interviews, Part II

Last month Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio had the privilege to media sponsor the NextGen:Charity conference. I interviewed a dozen prominent people, eleven of whom were speakers.

Each is inspiring, entertaining and a teaching moment. Last week I posted the first three. Here are three more, in high def video.

  1. He’s a stand-up comic on Comedy Central, ABC, NBC and the rest of TV. We talk about his book, “The Y’Nevano Book of Encouragements.” Watch, and you’ll learn how to pronounce that title. He wants you to live a regretless life. My interview with Wali Collins.
  2. Positive communication techniques, and she reads my face (yes, that’s right) to discern my communication preferences. Her book is “Mixing It Up: The Entrepreneur’s New Testament.” My interview with Sharyn Abbott.
  3. Connecting donors to the causes they support, when the two might be half a world away. That’s what happens at, where teachers post their classroom needs and donors respond from anywhere. He is’s CEO. My interview with Charles Best.

Click here to get to the NextGen:Charity interviews from 2010.

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