Have You Heard Me Speak and Liked It?

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I do a lot of speaking, live and on the web. I really love it! And I get really good reviews.

A well known guy in the fundraising space is putting together a list of speakers who people think are the best. That’s a difficult undertaking because there are so many ways of defining who’s best, but I’m willing to pitch in to help Jay Frost with his endeavor. I’m asking you to help him, too.

If you’ve heard me speak and think I belong on Jay’s list, he wants you to let him know. I’ll be grateful too, but this is mostly about helping Jay.

He prefers that you vote for me by replying to him on Twitter. (The link will take you to the tweet and, from there, just hit “reply”.) If you don’t have an account, leave a comment here, and I’ll see that he gets it.

You can also do it by clicking here. That will take you straight to Twitter with a tweet that is already written out. (Of course, edit it as you see fit.)

Jay Frost thanks you very much.*

*So do I.

1 thought on “Have You Heard Me Speak and Liked It?

  1. Tony Martignetti is a star! He combines expertise, wit and superb timing! Kinda like he dances into your heart with a torch! Listen, learn and laugh with Tony.

    Carole Weaver-Linsner
    Principal Consultant
    National Medical Fellowships
    New York City

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