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Promote The Charitable IRA Rollover

This gift can help your end-of-year fundraising campaign. Formally called a Qualified Charitable Distribution, it’s cash to your nonprofit now. 


I’ve got more detail on how the IRA Rollover works in this video. I made it for donors but it’ll help you with:

  • more detail
  • marketing tips
  • my reminder that you can’t give tax advice
  • a big Christmas tree

Giving Tuesday on Nonprofit Radio

Giving Tuesday is November 28 this year and Nonprofit Radio has your resources, tips, tools and strategies to make it successful. Are you looking for donors, volunteers, in-kind gifts, signers, marchers, door knockers, callers? Whatever your goal for Giving Tuesday, you’re covered here with my roundup and the show on Friday, September 29. 

5-Minute Planned Giving Marketing: The 3-Minute Director’s Cut

Here’s an excerpt from Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio on Planned Giving marketing. These quick tips and strategies mean you can add Planned Giving to your fundraising program without a big time commitment. 


For SO much more detail, listen to the full show