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15NTC Videos: Community & The Commons

Here’s the next set of video interviews from 15NTC, the 2015 Nonprofit Technology Conference, hosted by Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). These Nonprofit Radio interviews are about your online community and Creative Commons. I encourage you to check out 16NTC. I’ll see you there!

Your Online Community with Megan Keane, Michael Wilson & Joe Prosperi

Creative Commons with Carly Leinheiser & Craig Sinclair

Nonprofit Radio for May 15, 2015: Creating Communities & Questioning Crowdfunding

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

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Opportunity Collaboration: This working meeting on poverty reduction is unlike any other event you have attended. No plenary speeches, no panels, no PowerPoints. I was there last year and I’m going this year. It will ruin you for every other conference! October 11-16, Ixtapa, Mexico.

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My Guests:

Megan Keane, Michael Wilson, and Joe ProsperiCreating Communities

Starting an online community to engage supporters is a big investment. Learn how NTEN, Small World Labs and Relay Nation at American Cancer Society created communities that increase loyalty, fundraising, engagement and return on mission. Guests are Megan Keane, Michael Wilson and Joe Prosperi. We talked at NTC, the Nonprofit Technology Conference.


Amy Sample Ward: Questioning Crowdfunding

Picture of Amy Sample WardCrowdfunding is popular, but don’t jump in just because lots of others have. How do you decide if it’s right for your organization? Amy Sample Ward is our social media contributor and CEO of NTEN, the Nonprofit Technology Conference.




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Wednesday Interviews:

Stop Shooting Videos, Start Unlocking Stories
Sheri Chaney Jones & Yasmin Nguyen

Effective Distance Collaboration
Lisa Jervis & Jeanine Shimatsu

Content Strategy
Bretty Meyer & Katie Carrus

Visual Media For a Social World
Jessica Williams, Emma Chadband Y Jenna Cerruti

Walking Is Work
Beth Kanter & Ritu Sharma

Embracing Emerging Social Media
Lauren Girardin

How to Choose the Right Database
Michelle Chaplin & Laura Quinn

Considering Consulting to Nonprofits?
Julia Reich

Does Your Content Strategy Now Trump SEO?
Elizabeth Beachy

Video Strategy
Bridgett Colling & Michael Hoffman

Thursday Interviews:

Using Tech to Reach Rural or Marginalized Populations
Osvaldo Gomez

Contributing to the Commons: Using Open Licenses
Craig Sinclair & Carly Leinheiser

Staff & Board Buy-In For Your Next Technology Adoption
Norman Reiss & Kathryn Engelhardt-Cronk

The Secret Science of Email Deliverability
Trung Nguyen, Laura Packard & Brett Schenker

What To Do When Technology Isn’t Your Problem
Robert Weiner, Dahna Goldstein, Tracy Kronzak & Marc Baizman

Online Communities That Inspire Action & Generate Results
Megan Keane

Avoiding Disaster: Backup Systems & Disaster Recovery Planning
Darlene Ververka

It’s #15NTC!
Amy Sample Ward