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Nonprofit Radio for September 21, 2012: Abbondanza Alliances & Claire’s Cliches

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

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Tony’s Guests:

Rosanna Imbriano
Rosanna Imbriano: Abbondanza Alliances

Rosanna Imbriano–a true Italian–and principal of RI Consulting, encourages you to secure strategic alliances that expand your marketing and save your marketing budget–because they cost you nothing.

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Claire Meyerhoff
Claire Meyerhoff: Claire’s Cliches

Claire Meyerhoff returns. She’s principal of The Planned Giving Agency and creative producer of Nonprofit Radio. This week she’s got cliches aplenty for you to avoid and simpler words to replace them with. The show’s Jargon Jail is sure to suffer overcrowding.


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Philanthropy Jargon

A Lot Of Jargon courtesy of kevinspencer on Flickr.
When someone creates a website to make fun of your profession, you have a perception problem. Fundraising has been so blessed.

Take a look at Philanthropy Jargon Generator. It’s a random selection of verbs, adjectives and nouns that creates such embarrassing phrases as “define emerging program criteria” and “target inclusive governance.”

Many of the combinations sound plausible. How disconcerting.

On Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio we have Jargon Jail. I strive to keep my guests out of prison and get them on parole quickly. We boast a low recidivism rate, though I do have trouble with the regular contributors from time to time. They tend to talk back to their jailor.

Do the people you talk to understand what you’re saying to them? Institutional funders? Individual donors? Your colleagues?

I’m consciousness raising. Let’s target extended low-bandwidth models. Got a favorite?