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Nonprofit Radio for December 4, 2015: Ask When Not Asking & What Are The Wealthy Thinking?

Big Nonprofit Ideas for the Other 95%

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My Guests:

Marci Brenholz: Ask When Not Asking

Marcy Brenholz at Fundraising Day 2014

Strong, real donor-centered programs will save you money because you’ll hold onto existing donors rather than having to find new ones. Marci Brenholz knows how. She is director of development at the Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention. (Originally aired November 21, 2014 and recorded at Fundraising Day 2014 in NYC.)



Stacy Palmer & Glen MacDonald: What Are The Wealthy Thinking?

Glen Macdonald & Stacy Palmer at Fundraising Day 2014
Glen MacDonald and Stacy Palmer at Fundraising Day 2014.

Stacy Palmer & Glen MacDonald dish on the changing landscape of philanthropy: what giving habits persist and what new trends are developing. Stacy is editor of The Chronicle of Philanthropy and Glen is president of Wealth & Giving Forum. (Also from November 21, 2014 and recorded at Fundraising Day 2014.)

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Thank You’s For Year-End Giving

Vine Diabetes UK video

Last week for The Chronicle of Philanthropy I co-hosted a Google+ Hangout on Air on creative thank you’s–and the legal requirements that accompany them–for your year-end giving campaign.

With me were:
Claire Axelrad, fundraising consultant at Clairification.com
Gene Takagi, Esq., principal of the Nonprofit & Exempt Organizations law group (NEO) and contributor to Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio
Cody Switzer, my co-host and web editor at The Chronicle

It was Halloween fun, valuable info and over 200 hung out with us!

I’ve got takeaways:
— if you’re a small, local nonprofit, use it to your advantage: visit your donors with small thank you gifts
— Claire bakes, so she brings cookies or brownies to donors’ homes to say thanks—that’s incredible!
— handwritten notes are very rare, so they’re special; use them for an informal thanks within 48 hours of the gift
— there are lots of inexpensive ways to give a sincere thanks—watch the vid, below
— if you use video and kids are included, get a simple release from parents (Gene had more on video, so watch below)
— all formal acknowledgements have to include name of nonprofit, date of gift and amount
— for gifts of $250 or more, add a description if it’s not cash and a statement whether your donor received something in exchange

Here’s the video. (It ends abruptly because the host computer rebooted and kicked us all off. Well, not all. Claire, Gene and I kept the show going, hoping that the recording hadn’t ended, but it had.)

Thank you Claire, Gene and Cody! And Margie Fleming Glennon at The Chronicle for organizing us!

p.s. Here’s Gene’s blog on our Hangout.


Are You Listening To “Fundraising Fundamentals?”

I host a podcast for The Chronicle of Philanthropy called “Fundraising Fundamentals.”

It’s a monthly, 10-minute show devoted to fundraising, and I’ve been at it for over a year.

December’s episode is year-end fundraising tips. My guests are Casey Neese, social networking marketing manager for Heifer International, and John Murphy, CEO of Zuri Group.

You’ll find this month’s show, Creative Ideas for Year-End Fundraising Online, on The Chronicle site and on iTunes. You can subscribe from either of those pages.

Each month I have a charity rep and a consultant, and I pick their brains for my listeners.

In June through August there was a 3-month series on grant seeking:

Back in April professor Jen Shang shared her academic research that led to “5 Words To Boost Your Fundraising.” I also featured her on Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio last May 18th.

As you listen to “Fundraising Fundamentals,” please give me your feedback. I listen to listeners.

Your Development Plan: You May Have Missed This Last Month

Photo courtesy of Development Works on Flickr.

It was the last full month of official summer and you might have been off on a much-needed and well-deserved vacation. At least, that’s what you told yourself. I’ll indulge you.

You may have missed August’s Fundraising Fundamentals podcast for The Chronicle of Philanthropy. I talked about development plans with my guests Amy Eisenstein, author of “50 Asks in 50 Weeks,” and Sue Dunning, executive director at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Mercer County New Jersey.

What is a development plan and when should you have one? What ought to be in yours? Who should have input into it and how does it get approved? What team leads the execution? What did Big Brothers Big Sisters learn that might help you? All that in under 10 minutes. Listen here.

As my grandfather used to say, it’s better than a kick in the head. Thanks grandpa.

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“Fundraising Fundamentals” on The Chronicle of Philanthropy

This is really cool.  Starting last Thursday I host a monthly podcast interview show for The Chronicle of Philanthropy.Fundraising Fundamentals” will be released by The Chronicle every third Thursday of the month. You can listen there or on iTunes, where you can subscribe.  

My first guest is Gail Perry and she’s perfect to kick-off the show!  She’s the author of “Fired-Up Fundraising: Turn Board Passion Into Action” and that topic is so critical for success, yet so many nonprofits struggle with it.  She shares super ideas, like “redefine ‘fundraising’ so even board members who hate it can be part of it.”  She has a lot of practical, easy-to-follow advice that comes out in our 20 minute conversation.

Listen to the first podcast with Gail, and subscribe to the series.

(Gail has been a guest on Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio.  If you want to hear an hour-long interview with her, it’s show number 47.)