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Nonprofit Radio At 14NTC

2014 Nonprofit Technology ConferenceNonprofit Radio will be at the Nonprofit Technology Conference this week, hosted by Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN). I’ll be on the stage in the Science Fair interviewing lots of NTC’s smart speakers all day on Thursday and Friday.

I’m giving away an hour of free consulting! Drop your card to get weekly show alert emails and you’ll be entered to win a free hour of Planned Giving or Charity Registration consulting.

Not going to NTC? Enter on Twitter! All this week, tweet “#NonprofitRadio is at #14NTC!” I’ll pick a separate online winner!

Here’s a mere sample of interviews I’ve got lined up. I’ll play them on Nonprofit Radio in the coming weeks:

  • Facebook strategies
  • Career strategies for women in tech
  • Choosing the right CRM
  • Bridging the gap between social & CRM
  • Intro to Creative Commons
  • Your board & IT
  • Marriage counseling for IT & communications

There’s more! Along with NTEN CEO Amy Sample Ward, I’ll introduce conference sponsors who will be on stage showing their wares and services during lunch hours.

If you’re at NTC, come by the stage, chat me up and enter to win an hour of free consulting!

“Demystifying Charity Registration” at The Foundation Center



On Tuesday, March 11, I’ll deliver Demystifying State Charity Registration Laws at The Foundation Center in New York City. We’ll go from 10am to noon.

Here’s registration info. It’s free!

These are the requirements in 49 states and DC, that you be registered with state authorities in each state where you solicit donations.

If you have a “Donate Now” button on your site you’re soliciting in at least half the states. Likewise, if you send email or US Mail solicitations or host events where someone asks for money, you’re soliciting in the states where your messages land and the events take place.

Here’s what you’ll walk away knowing:

  • how to protect your officers and board by getting into compliance
  • what these registration laws are
  • why compliance is more important now than it has been in the past
  • how to know where you need to register
  • how exemptions work
  • specifics of New York state registration
  • a plan to prioritize and get started

Along with a colleague, I delivered this a few weeks ago at The Support Center. An attendee wrote:

“Well done, useful & timely workshop. This issue is lurking below the surface and should be made better known.”

I agree. I’m working on it. 

Someone else believed the program, “Might help our clients evaluate where to focus their registrations.” Cool. I always have consultants in the audience.

I promise you’ll walk out knowing a hell of a lot more than you know now. I hope you can be with me!

Here’s registration info. It’s free for Pete’s sake. 

My slides are below.