Nonprofit Radio for August 12, 2016: Master Google AdWords & Master Your Decision Making

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My Guests:

Jason Shim & Mark Hallman: Master Google AdWords

With Jason Shim & Mark Hallman at 16NTC

Google has $10,000 of free advertising for you each month. Are you taking advantage? Learn about the program and how to plan your campaign. Also find the best search terms to bid on and stay on track as AdWords evolves. At the 2016 Nonprofit Technology Conference I talked to Jason Shim, associate director of digital strategy and alumni relations at Pathways to Education Canada, and Mark Hallman, president of Evergreen Digital Marketing.



Karin Hedetniemi & Jayme Nelson: Master Your Desicion Making

Karin Hedetniemi & Jayme Nelson at 16NTC

You make hundreds of decisions a day: some simple and some complex. What’s the science and art behind making good ones? We discuss how to pare down choices and ask yourself good questions. Karin Hedetniemi and Jayme Nelson are from the Inside Education Society of Alberta. Karin is director of business and human resources and Jayme is an educator. This is also from 16NTC. It’s NTC Canada Day on Nonprofit Radio.



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