Beth Kanter Vid: Real Online Engagement

August 5, 2013

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In June I sat down with Beth Kanter for Nonprofit Radio to talk about true engagement with your audiences, and how to measure your outcomes.

Interviewing Beth Kanter at Fundraising Day New York

Beth is a master trainer, blogger and co-author of “The Networked Nonprofit” (with past Nonprofit Radio guest Allison Fine) and “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit.”

True engagement means listening, Beth explained, as a phone rang in the background at Fundraising Day 2013. Workers dismantled the exhibit floor around us, but we were undaunted and fearless.

Beth said fuck twice.

I’m really grateful to RallyBound for sponsoring* the video.

Here it is:

*Full disclosure: RallyBound pays me a fee if you purchase their software.

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